The MSRC is a student body whose aim is to look after you throughout your time as  a medical student at the University of Leeds! This site contains minutes of our meetings, links to useful resources, and contact details of people on the MSRC. If there is anything you think we could do to make the site better, please let us know.
More detailed information about the MSRC can be found here. Contact us directly at 

October 2012 ELECTIONS!

We have 5 candidates for election this October, Click the name of the candidate for the manifesto:

Sofia Arkhipkina First Year Rep Manifesto

Richard Cruttenden First Year Rep Manifesto

Emily May Austin Publicity Rep Manifesto

Effy Lindsay First Year Rep Manifesto

Beth Spurrier First Year Rep Manifesto


The New 3rd Year Handbook is available here!

Click here for the new MSRC Newsletter!

Third Years, Click Here for your PALS OSCE allocations

Click here for the academic jobs talk timetable!


Summer 2011

2011 Freshers! MUMS Parents Allocation

The MUMS party is almost upon us, follow this link and take this survey to allow us to allocate your parents.

Attention People!

Ordering Hoodies Has Changed!

Due to technical difficulties, the hoodies printer Dots Printhaus is now advertising through facebook. Go to this direct link:

and leave a comment under the coloured hoodie you wish to purchase with your personalisation, size, email address etc (full instructions at the bottom of the album).

Thank you!



February & March 2011


*MSRC ELECTIONS* 2011 Friday the 25th March. The Positions that are up for grabs are: Manifestos to follow shortly!!!

President (x1)

Vice-president (x1)

Secretary (x1)

Treasurer (x1)

Publicity reps (x2)

Sports rep (x1)

3rs year reps (x4)

4th year reps (x4)

5th year reps (x4)

Intercalating reps (x3)

Bradford Transfer rep (x1)

Progress rep (x1)

IT rep (x1)

MUMS (x1)

Mature Students Rep (x1)

International Students Rep (x1)

Societies Rep (x1)

January 2011

MSRC Presents Medics Teacher of The Year.

Click here to vote for who you think should be Teacher of the Year

Medics Give It a Go is now starting! Click this Link to see when and where each society's event is!

The MUMS reunion is finally here, follow this link to find your family!

October 2010

MSRC Elections have started! Click Here to veiw the Candidates Manifestos!

September 2010

On the 21st of October there will be an MSRC election! For furtherdetails check your e-mail!

Positions up for grabs:
3x 1st Year Reps
2x 4th Year Reps
1x Intercalating Rep
1x Bradford Transfer Rep
1x Publicity&Sponsorship Rep

TO BE ELIGABLE YOU MUST: Come to 2 out of the next 3 meetings (Wolfson Room, every Thurs from 5:30pm)

August 2010

The MUMS party is finally here! Monday 20th September Gatecrasher 7!Could all freshers please take this survey to allow us to select the right parents for you! Dress code: Parents: Demons. Freshers: Angels.

May 2010

First year Rep elections
Congratulations to Sophie Ladbrooke who has been elected as the new 1st Year Rep.

APL Cash Machine
The wait is over! MSRC has secured a free-to-use cash machine from Barclays. It will be fitted in the APL in 8-12 weeks. Huge thanks to Kate Sutton, Ian Butler and John McGuinness for their hard work on this throughout last year.

March 2010

MSRC elections are starting! Vote online here or come to the AGM Friday 12th March 2010 12-2pm to see the candidates presentations!

February 2010

Medics Give it a Go is starting! Try out a new sports society over these next two weeks if you didnt have time in Freshers! Follow this link to the Medics Give it a go timetable

January 2010

Happy New Year!
Welcome back everyone. Hope you had a good break. Just a quick note to let you know that the MSRC 3rd year handbook is now available.

October 2009

Leeds Medics Hoodies now available!
Hurray! After suffering from a lack of supplier for a while, Leeds Medics Hoodies are available again in a wide range of colours. Better still, the hoodies are made by a workers co-operative from fairtrade organic cotton in a factory powered by renewable energy. Get your hoodies here;

September 2009

MUMS pre-party meet
Date & Time: Monday 28th September 15:30-16:30.
The MUMS pairings are now available here. Find out who your parents/children are and what MTC room you are meeting in.

Read more about the MUMS scheme here.

MUMS Party 2009
When: Monday 28th September 9pm - late
Where: Bourbourn.
Bargain price: Tickets £3.
Fancy dress theme: Babies

The annual MUMS party is an epic night out! Your medical school parents will accompany you on what promises to be a fantastic evening. Freshers should wear their very best ‘baby’ fancy dress. Parents, grandparents, great parents etc. shall be sporting their OAP gear. Tickets will be sold in fresher's week, don’t miss out on buying yours, (they will be an extra £1 on the door).

July 2009
Student views on foundation programme allocation process

The results of the survey into student views about the foundation programme allocation process are now available. The Director of the West Yorkshire Foundation School has asked me to stress that they will definitely be taking our views into account. However, the system also needs to incorporate the views of all 3 medical schools and be acceptable to the Deanery and the UKFPO so at present they can not guarantee that the system will be what we stated as our first preference. You can view the results here.(requires Adobe Reader).

June 2009
Allocation to Foundation Jobs within the Yorkshire & Humber Deanery

Fourth Years, you may be aware that if we wish to apply for our first FY1 job in Leeds/West Yorkshire this year, the system has changed. Dr Corrado, the Director of the West Yorkshire Foundation School, wants to find out more about what Medical students at Leeds think about this change. This is your chance to have a say in something that could potentially affect your future career.

Please complete our very short (only 2 questions) online survey to state which option you would prefer. More details are given at the beginning of the survey. It's a bit wordy, but it's a good idea to read this as it will be something you have to think about very soon anyway.

You can read the info and fill in the survey here

Please complete the survey by the 26th June.

Thanks in advance,
Brian, Victoria & Gloria
Year 4/5 MSRC Reps

May 2009

4th/5th years - FY1 Application Process
Wesleyan Medical Sickness will be hosting an evening lecture from guest speaker, Dr Mike Roddis (BSc MB ChB MBA FRCPath) of Healthcare Performance.

Thursday 14th May in the MLT, 7th floor @ 5.30pm

The lecture is entitled ‘The FY1 Application Process' and will include lots of useful information, and Dr Roddis will be happy to answer any other questions you may have about applying for your first job. There will be pizza for everyone following the lecture. This lecture has been extremely popular in other Medical Schools across the country so don’t miss out! Plus, find out about your free student cover, final year group photograph and enter the prize draw! Download a flyer here

March 2009

Congratulations to the newly elected MSRC committee: President- Ian Butler, Vice President- John McGuinness, Secretary- Laura Stephenson, Treasurer- Lindsay McDowell, Sports Secretary- James Young, Publicity Executives- Alice Rothwell, Lauren Harris, Bradford Transfer Rep- Andleep Ali, International Students' Rep- Mohantha Vidana, Mature Students' Rep- Rebecca Lewis, Progress Rep- Aimee Charnell, 2nd year reps- Sarah Clark, Dave Thompson, 3rd year reps- Clare Bird, Kate Sutton, Florence Goodison & Dare Oladokun, 4th Year reps- Lucy Turner, Sam Alderson, 5th year reps- Gloria Ashiru, Victoria Green, Brian McMillan, Intercalating Reps- Sheona Harper, Guy Gherardi & Nellie Johnson, Honorary Reps- Ali Carpenter, Saxon Prentice, Matt Fong, Gwen Davies , James Chan, Harriet Clay, Open seats - Poppy Lister & Karin Duckett

NHS Bursaries / Student Loans
If you are going into your 5th or 6th year you may be eligible for a NHS Bursary. We have written a document explaining the how NHS Bursaries and Student Loans affect each other, and tried to answer any questions that you might have. You can download it here

January 2009
Shortened First Aid Course?
As you may know, the school of medicine is currently reviewing the week long first aid at work (FAW) course that first-year students take, due to cost concerns. One of the main alternatives would be a shortened course, and we at MSRC want to hear your views on such a change - whether you're against or for it. Please let us know how you feel by filling in this very short questionnaire.

Welcome back
Hope you all had a good holiday. We've uploaded the MSRC 3rd year handbook here. The "Medical Neuroscience" website that has been down for ages is now back up - very useful for Control & Movement Spot test revision!

November 2008
We've allocated £3695 to medic societies this year!
The following societies were allocated funding: Rectum, Careers Fayre, Medsin, Choir, Leeds Marrow, Netball,
Medics badminton, Hockey NAMS, Pharmaware, Hockey, Cricket team, Charity bike ride, Football club (mens).

August 2008
Welcome back to all Leeds Medics this year - I hope you all had an enjoyable summer break, whether it be in sunny Britain or abroad.

This year is an exciting year for MSRC, with more and more ideas and progress within the upcoming curriculum 2010 review, and an overhaul of the personal tutor system in store, and renovations of the library occurring over the summer break.

For the freshers we are trying a modified "MUMS" scheme, allowing the incoming first years to choose non-drinking parents if they wish. Over this year we will also be adding to and enhancing the MSRC website, furthering its use as an important resource for Leeds Medics.

So, the best of luck for the year ahead, and please remember - should you have any "ideas, concerns or expectations", or if you would like to get involved with MSRC, do not hesitate to get in touch at !

Alexander Carpenter
President, MSRC

May 2008

Timetable update:
During the 2007/2008 academic year an attempt was made to bring the  medical school's timetabling into line with central university  timetabling. Unfortunately for everyone the timetable of the typical medical student was too complex with too many nuances for the central timetable to successfully incorporate. After a long (and painful) time for everyone trying to make it work, the decision was taken to once more have an in-house internally run medical school timetable, a decision which MSRC are very happy to (finally) see! The in house timetable is located here.

March 2008

New study resource links added:
We are constantly updating our study resources page. Links added this month include embryology and immunology links (especially useful in 1st and 2nd year), videos of examination techniques (useful for those 3rd year OSCEs), and links to sites describing heart auscultation, and how to review chest radiographs.

MSRC 2008/2009 Comittee: Following our Annual General Meeting on Friday, 7th March, we are pleased to announce your 2008/2009 Committee: President - Alexander Carpenter, Vice-President - Saxon Prentice, Secretary - Sam Alderson, Treasurer - Kate Sutton, Sports Secretary - Greta McLachlan, Publicity Secretary - Philip Robinson, 2nd Year Reps Karin Duckett, & Clare Pettinger, 3rd Year Reps - Nellie Johnson, Brian Dromey, John McGuinness, & Lindsey McDowell, 4th Year Reps - Gloria Ashiru, Poppy Lister, & Victoria Green, 5th Year Reps - Jenny Longstaffe, Sally Chapman, Lolo Kalake, & Jon De Siquiera, Intercalating Rep - Dave Cook, Bradford Transfer Rep - Sheona Harper, Open Seats - Brian McMillan & Aimee Charnell. Honorary Reps - Matthew Fong, Gwen Davies, James Chan, Harriet Clay, Aarti Patel. Mature Students Rep - Henna Anwar, International Students Rep - Vinothini Armugam

February 2008

Election fever is spreading as MSRC and Medsoc will put to vote new candidates for their key committe positions. You will be able to vote online
and at the AGM which will take place on the 7th March.

BMA - Strengthening our ties with the BMA MSC committee: Our representative Alex Griffiths will attend the national conference in April to advocate key issues such as; pay debanding, loss of hospital accomodation for FY1 doctors and improving the deal for international students.

We have had the unique position of offering an unprecedented £3500 to be allocated to medics sports teams, societies and activities this year. All the applications have been reviewed and notifications are being sent out this week. These allocations will enable the continued growth and prosperity of the wider network of medics extra-curricular activities.

Game Tables: We have been successful in acquiring a table football unit for the Airport Lounge. We expect delivery in the next few weeks. Just a reminder that proceeds from both the pool table and table football are received by MSRC and in turn reinvested in our student body.

Peer Assisted Learning Scheme (PALS):
Stay tuned for these sessions which are happening later in April/May. PALS is comprised of sessions where 3rd Years are taught essential OSCE skills by 4th Years/5th Years/Intercalators. These sessions are always well received by all teachers and students alike. Further details will be sent out in the coming weeks.

Shuttlebuses: Following the recent prohibition of students using the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust shuttle buses (including the LGI- St Jamesí). Alison Noscoe (5th Year Rep) has launched an online survey which will allow us to demonstrate the importance of this service to medical students so please follow this link and let us know what you think:

We continue to work with the Medical School to ensure that suitable alternative arrangements are forthcoming.

University Timetabling:
We are now in the second term without a dedicated MBChB timetable. Your informal and written feedback via our online survey has given us a strong body of evidence indicating that the central timetabling alternative is unsuitable. The Medical School, Leeds University Union, Dean of Medicine and Health, and Central Timetabling has been made aware of our situation. A formal complaint has been lodged with the University Complaints Officer and we are pushing for an immediate remedy in parallel with any longer term solution.

Teacher of the Year: Each year, MSRC honours the most outstanding teacher for your year as chosen by you! Now is your chance to have your say. There is one award for each year and the winners are invited to the MedSoc Spring Ball to receive their award! Be sure to check your email inbox for voting instructions.

December 2007

BMA Intra School Committee (ISC) Elections: The results are in: Year 1 (no voting): Elizabeth O'Dowd & Samantha Simpkins. Year 2: Katie Dexter & Amit Patel, Year 3: Owen Chambers, Sunny Khan, Brian McMillan, Year 4: Naeem Mohyudin, Andrew Ratcliffe, Year 5 (no voting): Tracey Barnes.

BMA Medical Students Committee elections: Congratulations to Alex Griffiths, who has been elected as the BMA MSC rep for Leeds Medical School. To learn more about the BMA MSC, click here.

Book reviews:
Are there any medical textbooks that you would particularly recommend to your fellow students? Or any that you think are a complete waste of time? We are looking for book reviews to add to the site. If you're interested in contributing, please let us know.

Are you a budding photographer?:
We are looking for original photographs for our website. If you have any photos that you would like to see on the site, please e-mail them to us.

Learning resources: Fancy reviewing some of the links on our Study Resources page? We could do with a short description of each site. Do you have any useful links that could be added to our resources section? If so, please let us know.

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